Friday, June 2, 2017

Bar the Big Boss

Iron Fist
Season 1 Episode 12

I can't believe that dude shot Joy.

It's too bad they didn't kill Howard, he's really annoying & him turning bad each time he's reincarnated is boring. I already saw that on The Vampire Diaries with the Gilbert Ring. I did like the awful things he said to his kids. Ouch, that was harsh. Stupid Ward, they should have shot him.

The fight in Central Park was ok, but it really could have been better. Iron Fist fighting Davos was dumb.

I am so sick of "If we kill, we are no better than they are" idea. The Hand are the bad guys, just kill them.

That split screen in the middle of the lobby fight was really dumb. Please don't ever let them play gangsta rap music again.

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