Friday, June 30, 2017

Return of the Dead Guy

Season 3 Episode 10

Brain scrambled eggs

Seriously Ravi? You are going to get shot trying to defend Don E, there had to be a better way to handle that situation. It's a good thing Blaine & Liv are out side getting angry & going full zombie. So Blaine is a zombie again, when did this happen? I mean, it's the obvious explanation for his not being dead but they didn't show him turn again.

I thought the daughter was being held hostage but she & her friend are zombies, that must be what's on the flash drive. The dominatrix must have beat someone too much & they went full zombie.
Peyton as a dominatrix was pretty funny, but Ghost Drake was really funny.

I like that Liv got jealous of Major's new girl because, of course, she's a hypocrite.

It wouldn't be a modern show without some kind of stupid lesbianism, they couldn't just have Liv say she's straight, nope, she's "sticking to men."

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