Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Fancy Meeting You Here

Season 1 Episode 5

Luke seems to be cool, but that drug-using girlfriend is just a terrible person. I like that emotionally he's still a young kid. He actually brought a flower to the date. It's good that they stopped him.

It was so stupid how he pushed Jamie away, she was being very understanding even after he ran off the stage. At least he remembered Willa.

 "Right now?"

I can't believe he interrupted his chance to sleep with her to go meet her grandfather. I can't believe he destroyed that machine. He doesn't even remember everything correctly for him to want to destroy it. She remembers more & wants to go back so it can't be that terrible. Why is she calling her grandfather, Arthur.

That Monte Carlo girl was so annoying. I'm not looking forward to seeing Charlie on the show again. her snarky smug attitude makes me want the bad guys to kill her as soon as possible.

What is "The Bridge?"

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