Monday, June 5, 2017

Dragon Plays with Fire

Iron Fist
Season 1 Episode 13

That was the end? OMG that was terrible.

"I didn't really realize there was going to be so much emotional honesty"

Is Ward's dad really dead? He needed to be decapitated not burned. K'un lun is gone, who cares.

Claire telling them they need psych help because they are violent. She's in a dojo, it's literally Colleen's day job. I don't know why she took those claws, those belong to Hellcat.

This turned out to be another bad Netflix series. It wasn't as bad as Power Man, Jessica Jones, a terrible excuse for a superhero, was a better show. It was more interesting & better written.

Joy was seriously discussing killing Danny with Davos? What alternate universe episode was this? Is she in the Framework? And Madame Gao is just sitting there while Davos is looking right at her, he somehow doesn't recognize her?

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