Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Quest for the Crystals

The New Adventures of He-man
Season 1 Episode 2

I guess it's good that they still use money in the future. Although they use Romdiel Gems & not Gold Pressed Latinum to buy Trithuseum crystals.

It's funny how Skeletor manipulates Flogg, he's so sarcastic in this series. I like how the Mutant Troopers put out the fire on Slush Head's shuttle pod.

Meriac was interesting, he isn't one of Skeletor's evil warriors, he's a criminal with a little bit of honor. He's still a thief, but at least he doesn't hurt children, not even stupid Caz, after he lost his own son.

The stupid Adam identity is back, I have no idea how it helps that he's pretending to be Sebrian's nephew. I don't know why he looks like he's from the Old Testament.

I really hate how He-Man's power sword fired a laser.

In this episode:
He-Man, Drissi, Hydon, Mara, Flipshot,
Flogg, Crita, Hoove, Karatti, Mutant Troopers, Optikk, Skeletor, Slushhead,

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