Sunday, June 4, 2017

All the Madame's Men

Agents of SHIELD
Season 4 Episode 19

More anti-Trump stupidity in this episode. They used the phrases alternative facts & furniture shopping. Give it a rest. They actually tried to imply that the media is working for Trump, when the exact opposite is true. Then they implied that the terrorists are actually good guys. That's right, islamic terrorists are really good guys. These morons can't keep their metaphors straight, just like the idiots on Supergirl.

Then May & Daisy are criminals, both dressed as Hydra so everyone is afraid of them. But when a blonde woman turned away from them, they just accused her of being racist? Agents of Hydra? Agents of Social Justice. They just finished killing a bunch of people & used a guy as a human shield.

Meanwhile Madame Hydra is trying to be a real girl, using the Darkhold & Ivanov is a LMD.

This show just keeps getting worse, ripping off The Matrix & Star Trek with SJW crap thrown in.

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