Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Some Like It Hot Mess

Season 3 Episode 6

Brain Pasta? She just threw random things into her spaghetti.

I like that Peyton realizes the dominatrix case had a wasy too easy confession. It was weird when it happened, but I assumed the guy who confessed was her ex-husband or he was paid to take the fall by one of her clients.

Very nice lawyering Peyton, don't trust lawyers.

I was hoping the amnesia would last longer than a day or two. It would have been funny to see blank Major for a week or so.

What does Blaine even want with the blue memory juice? It's not necessary.

Don E, is pretty smart, the way he was going to pocket all that cash from 1 million to 100k & then split it 50%!

Who stole the cure? Don E? Major's mercenary friend? Blaine? I knew there was no way they would make her human, the show would end.

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