Friday, June 16, 2017

Wag the Tongue Slowly

Season 3 Episode 4

Brain & Chicken Hotpot

Ugh Ravi, what were you thinking, what a mess.

Why on earth did Major gave his cure to the whore? What a waste, because this girl who already ruined her life by becoming a whore deserves a 2nd chance? So stupid. That is the white knight-est move ever.

Gossip Liv was pretty funny. That sucks that they were just trying to prank that woman & are now going to jail for manslaughter. People are terrible at pranks.

I get that Peyton didn't know original Blaine, but didn't they explain to her how he threatened Liv & everyone. How he got Liv's brother injured, how he murdered teenagers? and she's banging him because he can sing?

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