Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Return

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Season 4 Episode 21

Ophelia saved this season with this 1 episode alone.

She was different from Aida & from Madame Hydra. When Fitz told her that he only had room in his heart for Gemma, she lost it! It was amazing, she was so upset & angry and he was scared of her. Sshe had spent the beginning of this episode in awe of all the feelings she was having & learning about stuff & how Fitz convinced her to save Mac. It seemed like she was going to be forgiven, after all, most of that stuff wasn't real & she was programmed to do those things.

I like that the way she teleports looks like the way Nightcrawler teleported in X2. She can shoot lighting like Llincoln? She can heal too, what inhuman had that power?

Prince Roan said that he was designed only for killing & then he said he's just a brain controlling all those robots? So he's a Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing!? Are they serious?? I hope that's real & they have more of him next season.

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