Thursday, June 29, 2017

Twenty-Sided, Die

Season 3 Episode 9

Brain Shepherd's pie.

Wow I did not expect Ravi to reveal his real identity, at the human meeting. Although that is easier to remember than a lie. It was a smart move, but he should have said the vaccine was further out. Now the question is, why hasn't he been working on a vaccine? It's a great idea & he should be working on one, he should call back his old boss from the CDC & get her to work on one.

"Liche Please."

That Blaine's blue juice really makes them go crazy on the memories, Don E almost brought about discovery day & those human dudes accidentally prevented a zombie apocalypse.

I can't believe there was shooting attempt at the dinner, things are starting to get real. Ugh Stupid mr. Boss is back.

A great episode ruined by Clive making some racist comment about white people. It doesn't even make any sense. He ran out the building looking for his white ex-girlfriend & the secret door had more to do with the dead guy being a geek, not white.

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