Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Chosen

The 100
Season 4 Episode 12

I didn't even realize it was happening when everyone converged on Raven that it was most of the kids from the original 100. I can't believe they are going back up into space!! That is going to be so awesome!! Now they can all become nightbloods & come back after primefire is over before the 5 years are up, maybe.

I was wondering who the archer was, I'm surprised it turned out to be Echo. Murphy was right, she was following them for a reason. Will they cure her somehow? They are lucky that Monty & Harper were already in a rover.

I knew it was stupid that Kane & Octavia opened up the bunker to 12 other clans. The Arcadians are outnumbered & 300 of them have to die. Luckily they used Clarke's list but that was horrible that they had to gas their own people. Jaha was right. She was being a bitch too, saving that stupid woman who isn't Skaikru. she may have had a point about Jaha, but she condemned somebody to die to spite him. Someone should murder her in her sleep.

Looks like Clarke might have to turn straight & share Bellamy with Echo.

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