Monday, June 12, 2017

Birds of a Feather

Season 1 Episode 48

I can't believe Red Eye just walks into the Fright Zone & gets an audience with Hordak!

I like how Kowl was crying when he realized he was basically a spy for the Horde. He's so arrogant that it's good he gets knocked down a peg. It's too bad they didn't leave him in the Valley of The Lost.

Jet Troopers?! They should have made those into toys.

I was so glad that She-Ra used her sword like a sword & cut the rope that Red-Eye was using on Kowl but then later on she was like "sword to glider" what on Etheria!? A hang glider? Really??

I'm surprised that She-Ra had to ask swiftwind what was wrong, it was very obvious that his wing was frozen.

It was pretty funny that Red-Eye destroyed Horde Prime's Monstron spaceship & still wanted to be an officer in the Horde. Off to the Energy Mines, Red-Eye!

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