Saturday, June 10, 2017

Micah of Bright Moon

Season 1 Episode 46

We got to see Horde Prime in this episode, he's behind a lot of smoke but you can what the new action figure is based on.

How have they not made Hunga of Talon Mountain into an action figure? She was in the first few episodes & now this one. She kidnapped King Micah & she fights Tung Lashor & The Horde. She even pronounced Angella's name correctly instead of Ann-Jell-ah.

I hate the way they make Glimmer into a child, in this episode she danced off a cliff, then instead of using her light powers to signal She-Ra for help, she used a gem she found instead, and they even drew her shorter than she usually is.

Also She-Ra pulled a "sword to blanket"??? What the hell?

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