Thursday, June 22, 2017

My Friend, My Enemy

Season 1 Episode 51

This episode had a terrible message.

The Doomberry pie was killing Hordak but then She-Ra saved his life. Hordak & The Horde have been oppressing people on Etheria for decades, since she was an infant & instead of letting him disappear, she saves his life. Not even Hordak's old buddy Noah cared about him. It's too bad nobody witnessed this so that a villager who loses their parents to the Horde can blame her for helping the Horde occupation of Etheria. Does she not understand what it means to lead a rebellion? She-Ra cried for Hordak after lugging him up a mountain. That doesn't make any sense.

I did not expect Skeletor to show up. Plus he's working with Catra to take out Hordak. Catra could have just let the rebels win, but I guess she wanted Hordak dead, not defeated.     

What is up with the crying, I think it's been 4 straight episodes of somebody crying about something.

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