Tuesday, June 20, 2017


12 Monkeys

Seaseon 3 Episode 2

Jennifer was right, that was really inconsiderate & mean of them. They didn't care about her at all. I started to feel bad for her, she was a POW in WWI & had to learn French & was homeless. She had a pretty rough 5 years there. Even with recording an album!

Her doing Jaws, E.T. & Alien on stage in French with just cardboard was really funny. Especially when she was doing 12 Monkeys to a small audience & her saying that smart people will understand it.

I really like the way that they are dealing with paradoxes, no time remnants on this show, just Magdalena resetting the timeline. It's how I used my Silverhawks Flashback, except the one from the future would kill the one in the past. I like the way they are doing it here too, it prevents the existence of parallel timelines.

Ramse had to kill his own son? I would have strangled Olivia.

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