Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Wondrous Place

Once Upon A Time
Season 6 Episode 15

Finally Aladdin, Jasmine & Jafar are back! It was good but it was also frustrating that they resolved that story in just 1 episode.  People want to see the Disney characters interact with each other. It was great seeing The Little Mermaid & Jasmine hanging out. That's what we want to see.

There are so many other Disney movies they haven't used. They should have brought in Atlantis & Princess Kida Ka'Gash with the Nautilus storyline & they could have had Jasmine & Ariel run into Esmeralda in that marketplace.

Nobody cares about these new characters. It's so stupid. Gideon is the dumbest villain ever & the Black Fairy is not interesting either. They didn't even explain how Jafar broke his genie curse. This is probably why the ratings are so low. And Snow White needs to grow her hair out. She looks like a fat pre-teen boy with that haircut.

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