Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Voodoo in My Blood

The Originals
Season 4 Episode 8

I like that we finally learned who created the Lycans, so well done too. It only affects them if they murder someone, which is what they did, murder that girl.

I like that they are making the werewolves more important. I really wish they were a bigger part of the show. I thought the agony blade was one of the bones but when they showed the Hollow's bones being separated, it wasn't there.

Seeing Alaric was cool, I thought they were going to go to Mystic Falls but that was good too. I'm glad he was able to fight back. He should be a hunter.

So Haley's blood can kill the hollow but only with a sacrifice.

Hope to the rescue! So cool, this girl is so much better than Diana.

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