Friday, May 5, 2017


Season 2 Episode 13

Snyder got me, I really believed that he decided to abandon The Transitional Authority, but looking back that makes no sense because him being part of The TA is the only way for him to keep his daughter safe. Still, it was a good deception. That was a good ending, even though I wanted to see Los Angeles be destroyed, I know they can't afford the special effects.
I wish Will had told the red hats to escape with them, that's how you build a resistance/revolution. Instead the red hats just let them leave quietly.
Poor Maddie, that sucks that they are going to kill her. She's going to die because of her sister & her nephew. She was just trying to save her diabetic son's life & now he's somewhere. Maybe that camp is real but Nolan is gone, so I doubt they will keep him there. 
I can't believe the hosts are robots! I could have sworn we saw a hand. Unless they are teeny tiny aliens living in those spheres. That would be nuts!

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