Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mother's Little Helper

Once Upon a Time
Season 6 Episode 16

The author is back & they announced this is the final chapter. Maybe this should be the last season, because instead of giving us The Princess & The Frog or Rapunzel they are going with this super boring Gideon story with more boring non-characters.

I don't care about the Black Fairy raising Gideon, it's just the same Angel storyline. Boring & she didn't even seem that evil. She's stealing kids just like her husband. Rumple's dad became Peter Pan  & stole kids to be Lost Boys, now his mom became the Black Fairy & stole kids to collect dust. I guess Captain Hook will use Peter Pan to talk some sense into the Black Fairy now that he & Black Beard are in Neverland?

The spider wasn't even scary. Gold & Belle should have met with Gideon instead of Emma.

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