Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Chapter 8

Season 1 Episode 8

I forgot all about this guy. I was wondering why this episode started with him getting burned, but it was a good way to go back to the 1st episode & the last one.

As if the line about "email" wasn't bad enough, the guy in a coma for 10 or 20 years said "Boom goes the dynamite" which was really stupid. So he watched youtube in the 1 day he was out of the ice cube?

Do all the episode have post-credit scenes? Now I have to re-watch them. Who created that T-sphere & how did it capture him? That made no sense, it's not a pokeball

"You like some backdoor action. Don't you?"

I liked how the Shadow King jumped into those people, although it did not follow the way Syd's powers are supposed to work, with her body returning to where her mind is. Poor Melanie, just when he started to remember her, he's possessed by the Shadow King.

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