Sunday, May 21, 2017

Honor Thy Fathers

Season 5 Episode 21

This episode sucked.

Oliver Queen's father accidentally killed some guy. I wouldn't even say he killed the guy, the two of them were fighting & some guy fell off a ledge. Then they judge him, while the two of them have killed countless people.

At least he wore the Green Arrow costume again, that's good but he didn't clear Green Arrow with the cops so that still hasn't happened.

Then when the Green Arrow was fighting Prometheus, he tells Chase that his dad was going to disown him. Where did Oliver get that info from? and why would Chase believe it without evidence? It was so stupid. It was the dumbest thing I've seen. Instead of them shooting arrows into each other or something. 

Wilddog abandoned his daughter. That was terrible. The flashback was boring with Green Arrow being kidnapped by the Punisher. I guess he followed them? Who cares.

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