Thursday, May 11, 2017


Black Sails
Season 4 Episode 10

All right some real pirate action! Woodes Rogers crashed his ship into the Pirate ship & they were boarded. So much sword fighting. Flint has been fighting non-stop. He fought Silver's men, Silver & Billy on a mast. Then he fought Woodes Rogers with Rackham. I was sure he would be keel hauled, but nope.

I like that Silver didn't kill flint & that they are still friends. What a complicated friendship they have, but when Long John Silver was telling Madi where Flint was, I thought that they were going to break Thomas out of that plantation, not have Flint get sent there. That was surprising. It looks like the jailers going to let them be gay as much as they want. I like that stupid Max had to watch as Anne ran into Rackham arms. Take that, loser.

Ugh, why did they hire a girl to play that role, she looked like a deformed boy. It was really distracting. I'm glad that Maddie changed her mind & saw that Silver was right. Stupid Billy is alive. I guess he's in the book? A great season finale, but now I have to read Treasure Island.

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