Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Season 2 Episode 21

Do they just bring Cat Grant on the show so they can spout misandrist lines? Her anti-Trump speech was so stupid. There is an invasion of refugees & she says to resist. They can't even keep their metaphors straight. The good part is that Queen Rhea ignored her stupid-girl power speech & blew up Air Force 1. 

And they end up showing how stupid girls can be by having the president on Air Force 1 fly directly at an alien invasion. It's the dumbest thing ever. Everyone on board died except for Cat Grant & an alien president. When are they going to tell the president that she isn't the president? She's not a US citizen so nobody should be listening to her. She's now like president Obama. 

I like that Superman punched Supergirl in the face, it was good payback for this terrible episode. I liked that they brought in the Durlans. It was funny that Cat Grant recognized Jimmy from his eyes but can't recognize Kara. also that Winn called them cowards! 

Does Earth-15 only have 2 jet planes? Where is the rest of the military during an alien invasion?

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