Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Once and Future Flash

The Flash
Season 3 Episode 19

This was a good episode with Barry re-connecting with his friends.

They need to think through their time travel. As soon as he left the present, he should have gone to either a future where The Flash disappeared or a future where The Flash returned to his present. That's what they tried to do, but by doing that, they showed us a future where Iris died. I don't remember anyone pointing out how it's 1 possible future because they ended up making it that Iris will die.

Now they are teasing us with the mystery of "Who is Savitar" I hope it's Iris, but usually those kind of things never turn out well, like when Arrow pulled the "Who is dead" flashforwards. It's dumb.

It's too bad that 2024 didn't have any Future's End stuff, or Dark Knight Returns like on Arrow, it was just emo Barry Allen with Vibe missing his hands.

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