Monday, May 8, 2017

The Other Side

Season 2 Episode 9

This episode was almost ruined by the stupid Molly stuff.

Molly seems to be dying so she's having some memory of being at carnival where they decide to ret-con her father into being a cheating on his wife for no reason at all. It contradicts & erases their relationship from season 1. It was just so stupid. 

The carnival being filled with important men from her life was also stupid because John & her dead fiance weren't there.

Luckily the rest of the episode was still good. 

That stupid director of the GSC called Lucy turning into a murder-bot "a glitch"! What an idiot. Where is Anna? Luckily Charlie & Julie aren't stupid & decide to take them offline but just when Charlie orders the workers to dis-assemble them, the evil aliens invade the Global Security Comission.

I hope the next episode has another robots vs aliens fight.

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