Tuesday, May 2, 2017


The Expanse
Season 2 Episode 10

I think it's dumb that the ocean wasn't clean. NYC rivers & waters have gotten so clean that there are whales & dolphins in the present. They have air scrubbers & terra-forming machines in space, but nobody has used that technology to clean the ocean? That doesn't make sense. If the earth has been polluted beyond repair, then people would not want to protect it & earth should be regarded the way it was in Alien Resurrection.

I guess I can buy the homeless people but again I'm not sure how they still exist when they should be sent into space to work.

I was shocked that Errinwright confessed to Avasarala about working with Mao. I guess being so close to war & seeing what happened, made him change his mind. I like that he did that & wasn't some nuts politician.

That sucks that Ganymede can't be fixed but maybe they can start over? I'm not sure how that works that Mars & Earth are sharing the farm station instead of each planet having it's own.

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