Monday, May 15, 2017

I Hear You Knocking

The Originals
Season 4 Episode 5

The best part was the hollow. Klaus was really insulting the angry ghost & then it got him by making him so mad that he killed his dad 3 times, but then it turned out to be 3 innocent people & then 1 turned into Freya but it wasn't really her. That was pretty scary for him. Then the hollow tricked him by pretending to be Freya.

The Klaus vs Marcel fight was pretty good. They should do more of that kind of superhero fighting.

It's interesting that Freya made a magic knife using Freya’s blood, Esther’s magic, Marcel’s venom, & Lucian’s ashes to kill Marcel. but that is not what they said they were going to do last episode. She said they were going to use medical science to make Marcel weak. Did they seriously forget that? It was just last episode.

They are pushing this lesbian crap so hard that it doesn't even make sense. Keelin is acting like she & Freya are best friends & is reluctant to leave, she even said "what are friends for." It's so forced & stupid.

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