Saturday, May 20, 2017

High Water and a Devil's Daughter

The Originals
Season 4 Episode 7

Tthis was a really good episode.

Freja has been watching Supernatural! She had the real devil's trap up on the ceiling! I loved when Klaus ripped the hollow priest's head off!
I like that Klaus still cares about Marcel & vice versa. Not a fan of Davina coming back, especially if she is just possessing that girl's body. If they are going to bring her back, then bring her back.

I was getting really mad that they might kill Freya because Keelin is so annoying, it's her fault that Freja died. She was still a student, go back to college & get a degree.

I like that Marcel & Hope are friends, but they should have been eating ice cream when Klaus found them, that would have been funny.

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