Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Monster and the Rocket

The Expanse
Season 2 Episode 12

This show is so great!

They went from the funny scenes with Bobbie to that sad scene with Naomi trying to rescue 52 people. I like that it was children & young men & women. You need men in order to survive in space. That sucks that all those ships are there & nobody is getting rescued.

I understand how Holden wants to kill the proto-moleucule but Alex was sort of right. They can't do it. I'm glad he showed up to rescue the Somnambulist & that he told the plant guy not to talk down to him. Another stupid scientist who doesn't stop to ask if they should do something. Ganymede station is destroyed, his friend was spaced & his daughter is possibly dead & he wants to chat with the proto-human.

I really thought that Errinwright was going to kill himself. That was crazy how he killed that Martian guy & betrayed Avasarala. How are they going to escape Mao's private space station? Are there even laws for that?

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