Monday, May 22, 2017

Die All, Die Merrily

The 100
Season 4 Episode 10

What an awesome episode!

Sky Rippa volunteers as tribute. I like that Octavia realized that, against the best of each tribe, she wasn't as formidable. I also like that Bellamy reminded her of being the girl in the floor & that she got to hear her brother admire her. This conclave was a real Hunger Games, they killed her Peeta & then King Roan & Luna.

How awesome was Luna when she showed up to fight for death. She was ready for everyone to die. She only won against Roan because she's a nightblood.

"It was her idea."

Wanheda!! She screwed over everyone to take over the bunker for skaikru! Yes!! Sorry Octavia & Kane. That's what I want to see. This show better be renewed!

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