Sunday, May 7, 2017

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

The Walking Dead
Season 7 Episode 16

It was a good season finale. I don't know how they are going to do next season but it better start with a herd of zombies heading to Alexandria, because they should have heard that gunfight.

I can't believe they were stupid enough to trust Dwight. Morons. They were also stupid to trust the Junkions. It was so frustrating. How can Rick be so dumb?

I was wondering what Sasha was up to. Turning herself into a zombie was a good idea. It seems like people turn really fast now. I hate that they did a flashback with Abraham, especially with a ret-con of Sasha having "a bad feeling about this." I also hated that Negan called her "hot," she isn't.

At least they were smart enough to take advantage of the Sasha-zombie. Carl did not hesitate! Rick should have disarmed & shot that stupid woman, instead of trying to make a deal with someone who doesn't honor their deal. I like how Negan just stared at her when she tried to change the deal. Hopefully she'll learn the hard way she picked the wrong guy.

I was sure Carl was going to be hit by the bat, I would have shot Rick. I'm surprised nobody shot the tiger. But that last fight scene was chaos. How did they even know who to shoot at? At least the Euro-trash were wearing black or maybe they stink?

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