Thursday, May 18, 2017

I Know Who You Are

The Flash

Season 3 Episode 20

How awesome was Killer Frost doing the Ice Man slide! In heels!! That was great, I don't even know what The Flash was doing. An episode like this shows how terrible Agents of Shield is, I'm surprised that got renewed.

You can order a Zoom on their secret menu!

Vibe had a point, he is really powerful & could hurt her. He should just practice making portals & send her into a Star Labs cell.

How long has Cecile been dating Joe? What a crazy woman. I can't believe he told her everyone's secrets.

Savitar is future Barry Allen? That's better than my Iris theory. He must be further along in the future than Emo Barry. Is this from the comics? I remember him having a black costume with blue lightning & he seemed like a bad guy but he wasn't in a suit of armor & he didn't kill Iris. Where did he go to meet Savitar? What street was that?

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