Tuesday, May 9, 2017


DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Season 2 Episode 17

This was a good season finale & a great cliffhanger ending too! They did what everyone wants to see & talks about: just go back to when the bad guys got the spear & prevent the bad guys from getting the spear.

I was glad that they just did it, I thought they were going to pull a Back to The Future Part 2 with them running around in that episode not ruining things, but then they totally ruined it. It was pretty funny, then they killed The Atom! He has a suit but Darhk ripped his heart out like he was Damon Salvatore! I was shocked.

For a while I thought they were going to mix up the two teams & send someone from Doomworld to regular reality like Star Trek Voyager's Year of Hell but they didn't. What a mess, both teams on the ship about to travel through time again? That was a terrible idea. I wish they had mentioned hypertime but the time storm was good too.

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