Friday, May 19, 2017


The 100

Season 4 Episode 9

Wanheda!! She's like, give me the flame, I'm a Night Bleeda. That would have been so awesome, if she was in charge, they all would have hated it! It would have been great! Roan & Indra would have to obey her & Wanheda would be supreme commander but then her stupid mom had to ruin it. Arrrgh.

The conclave is ok I guess, the next episode better be good. I want to see Sky Rippa go nuts!

That stupid suicide party is so dumb. They really want to burn to death like a stupid doomsday cult? I can see Jasper, but those other people? They should have all been tranquilized & carried to the temple.

I really hope Raven goes up into space & creates more nightbloods. Is next season going to be "5 years later"??

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