Friday, May 12, 2017

Immortal Emerges from Cave

Iron Fist
Season 1 Episode 6

I get that Danny is celibate & is probably a virgin, but he's in the middle of a fight tournament, how can he be so stupid to let that venom-girl get near him. That was the worst part of the episode.

His fights were pretty good. Much better than other episodes.
I don't get why Gao wanted to save that last guy, besides I don't think that Iron Fist was going to kill him, so that wasn't clear at all. I like that people think he's nuts & he is talking to himself. Even so, there needs to be more fights, this isn't Legion.

I forgot that Night Nurse quit the hospital, how is she paying for private Kung Fu lessons? I didn't like that Gao was able to push Iron Fist away so easily. How does she have super powers?

Ward should have told Danny, that if Danny is going to make decisions like selling pills at cost, he also needs to go to meetings.

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