Monday, May 15, 2017

The Bicameral Mind

Season 1 Episode 10

So the dark cowboy is actually William. So dumb, so is the way that Delores regenerates every morning. It's stupid. The fact that they do that, would make everyone just go around killing & destroying all the robot, not just him. She shouldn't have been regenerated, until after William left the park.

So he finally realized she was a robot with no real emotions for him. Then he became obsessed with making all the toasters sentient. What an insane goal. Is it because he wanted Delores to love him for real? Is he that pathetic?

Then they hinted that this isn't the only park, because the location of Maeve's daughter said "Park 1" & we saw samuraii in a room and that her escape was part of somebody's plan. I'm not sure who, maybe the dark cowboy? He killed her daughter, so maybe he was trying to jumpstart the sentience? I don't know.

This show doesn't make any sense, it's really more about watching terrible things happen & trying to make viewers feel bad for the toasters. But they are toasters. Built to do things. Even Maeve screwed over her fellow robots. If they were going to explain anything, they should have explained why that stupid Asian surgeon was helping her.

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