Sunday, May 28, 2017

Black Tiger Steals Heart

Iron Fist
Season 1 Episode 10

After 2 dumb episodes, this one was better, but it started out bad too. 

At 1st I thought I skipped an episode, because Danny was acting like it's perfectly normal to wake up in a strange bed and not care that you don't know where you are. Also they skipped a lot of Joy accepting that her father is alive. Then later on after Danny confronts Colleen about being a liar & a member of the hand, he's just meditating while she sleeps. He is such a weirdo.
They shouldn't have made the bad guys of this show an organization like The Hand, you can't defeat an organization. Now there is a good Hand & a bad Hand & I'm just as incredulous as Danny was when he said it. Then the guy from last episode who seemed like a bad guy is actually his friend Davos who rescued him & Bakuto who rescued him is actually a bad guy. I get it but unless this is from the comics, it's really unnecessary.
It was pretty funny when Davos broke that kid's leg, he was warned. The fight when the two of them were trying to escape was good, but the two of them in the hallway was terrible. My favorite part was when Danny kicked Bakuto's ass in the monitor room. He was so arrogant.

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