Saturday, May 20, 2017


Season 2 Episode 19

I like that they went back to Supergirl being the impulsive hot-head that she was in the comics. She shouldn't be as nice as Kara is. She was a Red Lantern for a reason.

That Rick guy was pretty smart with the way he set up his booby traps for Supergirl, but it would have been better if he was a real bad guy from the comics. Who is Rick Malverne? I don't recognize that name. Now that's he's mindwiped, he should come back as some kind of super-villain.

This time I suspected that it was Martian Manhunter.

Yes Maggie, Kara being her sister trumps you being a girlfriend. You can get dumped any day.

Oh no, Rhea is going to trick Lena into building Stargates so that the earth is invaded by Daxamites!

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