Saturday, May 13, 2017


Season 2 Episode 12

I like that they didn't draw out the return of Alice, they started working on bringing back Niffin Alice right at the beginning & they did it. It seems like she might be like Buffy when they "rescued" her from heaven.

Wow, I didn't expect John Gaines to sacrifice himself like that. Although considering that Renard killed his wife & he was going to be harassed forever, it makes sense. Julia was so stupid. I can't believe she didn't kill her rapist. That was the stupidest thing. She didn't have her shade & even when she did, all she was trying to do was kill him, then when she had the opportunity, she lets him go? Kadi was right to be angry.

i'm surprised that Elliot wants to go back to Fillory, he used to hate it. The Great Blank Spot is interesting, 20 blank pages. So it's been made a secret or something?


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