Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Lian Yu

Season 5 Episode 23

Oh man, what is happening to the Green Arrow. He really has been beaten by Prometheus. 

This season wasn't as bad as last season but seeing the hero get beaten so bad over & over again was too much. He should retire, because if he can't beat this angry loser with no powers, then he has no business fighting crime. This is the type of adversary that should have been reserved for Supergirl who can't punch a human. When Artemis said "he hasn't set up a hoop that you haven't jumped through" she was right. It's been really annoying watching him make stupid mistake after stupid mistake. I get trusting Deathstroke but trusting Captain Boomerang? Stupid. Then he goes in only 1 plane, instead of telling them to come in multiple vehicles. 

I was really hoping that he was going to have vigilante there to help him, but no. After Prometheus telling him over & over again how he is 10 steps ahead, Oliver didn't think ahead or do any planning. He should have shown up with Arsenal or Cupid. He shot Chase in the foot, but why didn't they disarm & handcuff him in that temple. Instead he lost to the bad guy. 

The island blew up & those guys are maybe dead, maybe somewhere safe, Felicity had a map. But the hero lost. How did Chase find his son when Felicity wasn't able to? Are all the bad guys dead too? Artemis,  Boomerang,  Black Siren & Talia?

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