Saturday, May 13, 2017

Caliban's War

Season 2 Episode 13

I thought we were done with Fred Johnson! It's a good thing Naomi didn't contact Anderson Dawes. that guy is dangerous especially because he has the scientist. Now the OPA is going to have it Proto-weapons.
I like that Holden told Naomi, that it was Tex who brought him back.

Woah, Julie Mao took apart the science ship like a lego set & kept them alive on the surface of Venus. So not good. it's funny that Prax was holding a little sphere like on Continuum.

It was a good speech, they even showed Bobbie the Martian saving the Earth woman from the
corporate bad guys. What a crazy system, like if that electrician got fired, do they just float him? There's probably no unemployment & even if he signed a contract, who is going to enforce it? Ware there space lawyers?

That guy said that Mao's ship was a pleasure craft, like it couldn't shoot them down when Cotyar left but how would it defend itself from space pirates? Where are the space pirates? We only saw space police once, near Mars. They can't be everywhere. When seconds count, the space police are light minutes away.

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