Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Sleepy Hollow
Season 4 Episode 13

What a terrible episode. There was that stupid interruption by the internet guy. Then the maudlin conversation at the beginning with his son. Then the unbelievable speech about freedom. Just terrible. Not even Walternate could save this last season.

The stupid faux-Trump storyline is finally over & in their push to have michelle obama as president, they made her have to be rescued by a white male. It's funny when they end up doing the opposite of what they want.

Of course Ichabod, didn't shoot Faraday, when he saved the president, instead he bargained away his soul to the devil like a disposable male.

Getting rid of child Molly & using alternate future adult Molly is good, but the show should be cancelled. There is no way I'm going to suffer through any more episodes of this crap show.

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