Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Black Fairy

Once Upon a Time
Season 6 Episode 19

This Black Fairy storyline has been bad from the beginning.

They should have had her get the crescent scar by attempting the banishing curse not randomly because she turned evil. Rumplestiltskin was supposed to be a savior? Who's terrible idea was that? and also Tiger Lily was going to be his fairy godmother? Then why didn't she do anything when Peter Pan showed up in Neverland, or when the whole family showed up there?

We know why Rumplestiltskin chose his power over his son, it made sense, being a coward his whole life but Fiona had a solution to keep her son safe & didn't need her powers anymore. So there was no reason why she would chose power over her son's destiny. Another terrible decision.

Zelena in her green gremlin was good, but where was Snow White & Prince Charming when they were being impersonated by the Black Fairy?

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