Saturday, April 29, 2017

Abra Kadabra

The Flash
Season 3 Episode 18

Abra Kadabra was a pretty good villain but Gypsy was really annoying this episode.

I'm glad that Barry figured out what I was thinking. He needs to go to the future & find out. Sure, Jay told him not to mess with time, but going to the future should be fine, especially because the Dominators & Time Wraiths should be coming after Abra Kadabra & Eobard, but they aren't. So him going to the future shouldn't make any cosmic entities angry.

Kord Industries again! When is Blue Beetle going to show up? I hope he runs into Booster Gold when he goes into the future!

Did The Flash seriously think that Abra Kadabra was going to help out of the kindness of his heart? He's on his way to be executed & it's The Flash's fault. Barry can be too naive sometimes.

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