Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Murder Most Foul

Once Upon a Time
Season 6 Episode 12

At first this seemed like a filler episode about nothing, but it turned into a really good episode with Prince Charming starting to doubt that things will end happily ever after. Snow White is still cursed & something bad always seems to happen. It was also good to see how David & James got separated & that Rumplestiltskin wasn't completely evil when he was the dark one. His empathy for another father trying to rescue his son was good.

Robin Hood being some weird evil person could be ok if they do something interesting with it, but as it is now, it's just a bad storyline. Regina still won't get her happy ending so why bother bringing him back. They should have her fall in love with some other Disney character instead.

I don't like the stupid twist at the end. Showing Jiminy Cricket & Pinocchio was good, they need to show us more of those guys, not make Captain Hook the guy who killed Prince Charming's dad. That was an unnecessary wrinkle.

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