Saturday, April 29, 2017


DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Season 2 Episode 16

They seem to have come up with a way for the Legion of Doom to all get what they wanted. I'm surprised that they all dreamed so small. Eobard wanted to be the new Einstein, Damian wanted to be mayor & Malcolm Merlyn just wanted to be a father.

I like that Captain Cold finally froze someone to death. He should have shot Vixen longer though.

Heatwave was right. How lame that the police didn't even try to stop them. What is the point?

I'm sure tons of people liked seeing Felicity murdered by White Canary. It would have been cool if she was dressed as someone obscure like Spoiler or someone else. I have to look at all those masks that Damien Darhk had in his office. That was pretty funny.

I did not see Rip being in a tiny Waverunner, I thought he was floating in space or something. Rip baking cakes was funny too.

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