Sunday, April 9, 2017

We Will Rise

The 100
Season 4 Episode 6

Oh man, now there is less fuel, I guess it's too hard to make more of that fuel. They found a rocketship, maybe they can find some fuel somewhere.

Why the hell are they letting Ilian go. Because he didn't kill anyone? What about all the die people who will die because they don't have shelter thanks to him. The guard was right. They floated people for less. 

Octavia is so annoying, she threatened her own brother who risked his life protecting her on the ark & giving her his rations. She should have been slapped for that comment. She didn't even spend much time with Lincoln anyway.

That's so stupid that they still blame Murphy for Well's death. It wasn't him, it was Charlotte. Why doesn't he clear his name? It bothers me even more than Clarke & her lesbian child molester. Seriously, how old is that woman, 35? Clarke is supposed to be under 18. Gross. 

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