Monday, April 3, 2017

You Say You Want an Evolution


Crazy Molly ditched Ethan because just like Julie said, Molly isn't ready to take care of a kid. Julie should have told the head of Hom Sec, instead she stupidly accused Anna of killing John. So Anna gave her a scare on the elevator. If you think someone killed somebody, the last thing you do is confront them.

Julie offered to give Ethan his memories back but he chose to whine about it instead because he's being manipulated by Lucy & now he believes all humans are liars, even though Lucy is lying to him & he's a hypocrite because he lied in the 1st season. Is he going to feel remorse when he watches the video of Julie crying by his bead?

Peyton wants 100 more Terminators and to copy Lucy's manipulative disobedient sex-crazed personality into them. It's like Judgment Day can't come fast enough for her.

It was really stupid & forced the way Triple Helix Molly was complimenting JD, because the show keeps reminding us what a terrible father he is & how he isn't helping his daughter with her human pregnancy. At least the aliens have evolved & aren't killing pregnant moms anymore, but they basically want to invade Earth. I'm surprised they had JD even say the phrase "Alien Nation," because that plot is what Adhu says he wants.

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