Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Chapter 5

Season 1 Episode 5

I like how he just left for Divison 3 on his own, without that annoying Nightmask guy who thinks that David is being selfish, but he's trying to rescue his sister. Not anything else.

That was a good idea of how our existence is all electrical impulses in the brain so now he can be with his girlfriend.

"I'm not treating him, He's my man."

They finally discovered his weird parasite fat man.

I'm ok with the way they pulled a Game of Thrones style battle, by showing us the aftermath of David killing all those men in Division 3. It's weird the way he made people intangible & stuck them in the ground. He really is an Omega-level threat. Plus he was having fun killing those guys, they should be afraid of him.

The Kermit rainbow song!!

It sucks that he was blaming his sister for everything, she was just a kid. The silent part was funny but not as good as Hush.

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