Sunday, April 30, 2017


Season 5 Episode 18

What is this, Arrow 2099? Prometheus has tech that blocks only his face from video cameras? I have a reflective scarf, I need to get someone to take a picture of me to see if that works.

I like his weird non-arrow mask, but it was strange seeing them all being vigilantes while not dressed in their costumes. I think it's dumb that his idea of doing something that Prometheus didn't plan for was to get the Bratva involved. He should have contacted actual Vigilante & worked with him to kill Prometheus. That would have made more sense.

I'm so glad he punched Spartan. It was really stupid that they stopped the Russians from killing Prometheus. What for? So they can expose him? How does that exonerate the Green Arrow? It also doesn't change the fact that Oliver was the one who said he liked killing people, nobody forced him to say that.

Having those hackers figure out their secret identity was a bad idea. That was really stupid.

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